Ruby sea dragon

Ruby sea dragon3

And now presenting… the Ruby sea dragon! If you haven’t heard of this one, it’s because it was recently discovered by the Rouse lab at SIO off the coast of Australia. Read the original article here.

Its scientific name is Phyllopteryx dewysea, and it’s only the third known species of sea dragon. A few months ago, I hand-drew this charismatic little guy for Dr. Greg Rouse and his grad student Josefin Stiller, and today I digitized it. It’s a male Ruby sea dragon carrying several dozen eggs. It was named after its bright red color, which helps camouflage it in deeper waters where red is absorbed more strongly.

Oh! That reminds me: Did you know that a sea hare’s dark purple ink comes from the red algae it consumes? Stick around and I’ll teach you everything else I know about sea hares (in my mind, everything relates back to sea hares).


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