See here, sea hare, sea everywhere

Thanks, Levi for making this website for me (and coming up with the tagline)!

I’ll post a bunch of my artwork here, and I’ll write a blurb about each one. I try to make at least one drawing per day, so keep checking in!

Please note that all of the drawings on this site were produced by me, and I’m posting lower-quality images to protect them. However, if you’d like to use any of them, email me at adikhen(at) and I’d be happy to send you a high-quality version as long as you give me credit. Also, feel free to suggest more creatures for me to draw!

We’re starting with my favorite creatures, sea hares! Their scientific name is Aplysia californica, which is where my website got its name. They’re pictured with their favorite treat, a red branching alga called Plocamium. It’s found in San Diego, and whenever the lab gets a new supply, I check for tiny baby sea hares hanging onto its curving tips (science fact: larval sea hares actually settle on Plocamium). They look like little red blobs, and they’re absolutely adorable! I love to watch them wriggle around on the palm of my hand. They curl up into a ball, but as soon as I stick my hand underwater they stretch out and start to scoot themselves across (see below for my sea hare time lapse). Later I’ll tell you about how I “train” them not to ink- their natural response to stress- by interacting with them regularly and slowly building up their tolerance.

FullSizeRender (1)

This is a time lapse of a sea hare I named Harry (also known as Harriet because sea hares are hermaphrodites). The original video was over a minute long.


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